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Featured in Nashville Voyager Magazine


Hello and thank you so much for visiting my page. For a more personal view of who I am as an artist, be sure to follow me on Instagram.

I have been creating and teaching art for most of my adult life. I love to create art that is fun, happy, and sometimes emotional. I put my whole heart into my work.

Please feel free to contact me for custom artwork, murals and more! 


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Art Education

I have been teaching Visual Art for 10 years. I am so proud of my students and their accomplishments. I love teaching High School and preparing my students for creative careers! I stress open creativity, creative problem solving, and technique. Art touches the highest level thinking skills; it allows students to express themselves and gives them a safe place to try new things.

I had the privilege of creating the Art 1 curriculum for Rutherford County Schools, TN in 2021/2022. I created a curriculum that builds students from the "basics", laying a foundation that will allow them the technical skill and creative thinking to move on to more difficult concepts and skills. See below for a PDF of that document as well as some pictures of recent student work.

I love what I do. In the ever changing face of education, we must keep Art in schools. It is the lifeline for some students. It is the necessary foundation for all students who want to learn how to have a creative mindset.

-Mrs. Phelps
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